My Final Bracketology of the 2015-’16 College Basketball season

My Final Bracketology of 2016 that can be found at:

Let’s just say there are TREMENDOUS differences from what the NCAA Selection Committee in many cases:

The #1 seeds in MY final Bracketology are Kansas (overall #1 seed, South), Michigan State (overall #2, Midwest), North Carolina (overall #3, East) and Oregon (overall #4 seed, West)
Some I’m sure are thinking committee was favoring the ACC, but this was a case of WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??! Michigan State should have been overall #2 seed. With Villanova falling, Oregon on virtue of winning both regular season and Pac-12 tourney titles gets edge for last #1 seed. Have to wonder if Kansas was put in the South Region so they would not have to play on Good Friday and Easter Sunday (March 25 & 27).

#2 seeds are Virginia (#5, South), Villanova (#6, East), West Virginia (#7, West) and Utah (#8, Midwest)
Virginia’s failure to win regular season or conference tourney is why they SHOULD have been a 2 seed. Villanova seeded correctly but I think was put in South region because committee did not want scenario where North Carolina was playing regional final against Villanova on what essentially was a home floor for Nova with their fans dominating the Wells Fargo Center (while Nova could have played in Philly as it’s not their home floor, this to me was a consideration).

#3 seeds are Kentucky (#9, Midwest), Oklahoma (#10, West), Xavier (#11, South) and Seton Hall (#12, East)
Kentucky and Xavier switch spots in seed order on final bracket. Seton Hall seeded MUCH higher here and probably closer to where they should have been. John Callapari’s point about mis-seeding teams applies heavily to both Seton Hall and Gonzaga.

#4 seeds are Purdue (#13, Midwest), Arizona (#14, West), Miami-FL (#15, East) and California (#16, South)
California moved up one seed line here as it would have keet several schools in mine closer to home for sub-regionals. Arizona (another mis-seeded school) can play Oregon in regional semis because they only met twice in regular season.

#5 seeds are Texas A & M (#17, South), Duke (#18, West), Gonzaga (#19, Midwest) and Indiana (#20, East)
Texas A&M was dropped one seed spot in here as it would have kept several schools closer to home. Software I use completely disagreed with committee on Gonzaga, which is MUCH higher (#5 seed vs. actual #11 seed) here. Guessing bottom of West Coast Conference really hurt Gonzaga and St. Mary’s.

#6 seeds are Butler (#21, Midwest), Providence (#22, West), Baylor (#23, South) and Iowa State (#24, East)
Butler and Providence two more mis-seeded schools as Big East is MUCH tougher than many think (Providence could be North Carolina’s worst nightmare in Round 3). Iowa State one seed line higher than I actually have them because they have to play Friday-Sunday.

#7 seeds are Saint Mary’s (#25, South), Vanderbilt (#26, West), Maryland (#27, Midwest) and St. Joseph’s (#28, East)
St. Mary’s one seed line lower here than they actually are in my rankings so they would have stayed closer to home (and I think the Gales would have been happy with that). The two regular season losses to Pepperdine likely did in St. Mary’s and other bad losses within the conference as a whole by others. St. Mary’s should be favored to win NIT. St. Joe’s had wild week, going from second four out after bad loss at home to Duquesne to last 7 seed on this (actual 8 seed) after winning A-10 tourney. Vanderbilt yet another badly mis-seeded school that if they get by Wichita State could be big trouble for equally mis-seeded Arizona.

#8 seeds are VCU (#29, East), Wisconsin (#30, South), UConn (#31, Midwest) and Colorado (#32, West)
UConn’s miracle shot at end of 3rd OT against Cinncinnati vaulted Huskies to American championship and actual 9 seed. UConn should have been only AAC team in the field.

#9 seeds are Fresno State (#33, West), Texas (#34, Midwest), Pittsburgh (#35, South) and Dayton (#36, East)
Fresno State yet ANOTHER BADLY mis-seeded school (actual #14 seed) and probably is Utah’s worst nightmare in Round 2. Could see biggest upset of the tournament with that matchup.

#10 seeds are George Washington (#37, Midwest), San Diego State (#38, South), Northern Iowa (#39, East) and Wichita State (#40, West)
GW and San Diego State should have been in the field (SDSU in particular after winning regular season title in Mountain West). Wichita State would have escaped play-in round in mine.

#11 seeds are St. Bonaventure (#41, East), Notre Dame (#42, Midwest), Georgia (#43, South) and Georgia Tech (#44, West) and Oregon State (#45, West)
This line full of snubs. Committee being slammed by Atlantic 10 Commissioner Bernadette V. McGlade over St. Bonaventure’s snub, Georgia and Georgia Tech also snubbed. Oregon State yet another bad mis-seed (shocked they are on 7 line).

#12 seeds are NC-Wilmington (#46, South), Texas Tech (#47, West) vs Michigan (#48, West), Yale (#49, East) and South Dakota State (#50, Midwest)
Can’t really consider Texas Tech a mis-seed given they were a nine seed as late as Sunday morning here. Michigan deserved to make it.

#13 seeds are Arkansas-Little Rock (#51, South), Hawaii (#52, Midwest), Stephen F. Austin (#53, West) and Iona (#54, East)

#14 seeds are Chattanooga (#55, South), Buffalo (#56, East), Green Bay (#57, Midwest) and Weber State (#58, West)

#15 seeds are Middle Tennessee (#59, West), Stony Brook (#60, East), NC-Ashville (#61, Midwest) and CS-Bakersfield (#62, South)

#16 seeds are Hampton (#63, East), Florida Gulf Coast (#64, Midwest), Austin Peay (#65, South) vs Holy Cross (#68, South) and Southern (#66, West) vs Fairleigh Dickinson (#67, West)

Last four in MY final Bracketology: Georgia Tech, Oregon State, Texas Tech and Michigan
Texas Tech took major fall in my last Bracketology, Michigan did deserve to make the field.

First four out: South Carolina, Valparaiso, Cincinnati and Ole Miss
Cincinnati yet another mis-seeded school (should NOT have been in field at all).

Second four out: Virginia Tech, Davidson, Marquette and Hofstra

Schools NOT in my Bracketolgy that ARE in the NCAA Tournament: Cincinnati, Iowa, Syracuse, Temple, Tulsa and USC
NCAA Committee VERY Charitable with American conference, which got FOUR schools in the field (including likely a make-up bid for Temple that was the first school out last year due to Wyoming winning Mountain West last year). Tulsa did NOT deserve to get in. USC also did not deserve to make field (they are ranked 63rd in the final rankings I do), let alone be a #8 seed. Cincinnati should not have been a #9 seed.

Schools in my Bracketology that are NOT in the NCAA Tournament: Saint Mary’s (#7 seed in my Bracketology), George Washington (#10 seed in mine), San Diego State (#10 seed in mine), St. Bonaventure (#11 seed in mine), Georgia (#11 seed), Georgia Tech (#11 play-in seed)
Saint Mary’s has to be the BIGGEST snub I have seen in the four years I have done this. Noted some of the others on the 10 and 11 lines.

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